June 20, 2024
best colleges in Maryland for computer science

There are many Colleges in Maryland with quality higher education, but we’re narrowing on the best colleges in Maryland for computer science. Finding good Computer Science Colleges in Maryland isn’t easy because so many factors come to play.

The scope of this study will center on the accreditation of schools (ABET), the quality of computer science degree programs, affordability, and quality of faculty.

Computer science is a fascinating, fast-evolving discipline that significantly impacts contemporary society. The field of computer science includes a wide variety of theories and applications.

Computer science is a fantastic major for students heading into various industries, including technology, business, medicine, and law, due to the emphasis on problem-solving abilities.

For example, a Software developer job is among the best in America and has a median annual salary of $98 590, according to Occupational Outlook Handbook Reports.

The OOH predicts that jobs in the field of computer science will have a 21% growth over the next ten years. Therefore, computer science is an evergreen and the most lucrative industry. Let’s look at some questions about computer science programs in Maryland.

S/NSCHOOL NAMESComputer Science RankingsLocationsAccreditation (ABET)
1University of Maryland, College Park#11College Park, MarylandYES
2Johns Hopkins University#51Baltimore, MarylandYES
3University of Maryland, Baltimore County#103Baltimore, MarylandYes
4Towson University#146Towson, MarylandYes

Does Maryland have a Good Computer Science Program?

Yes, Maryland has colleges and universities with good computer science programs. The state is home to some of the best colleges for computer science, including Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland, College Park, etc. These schools offer strong programs that prepare students for careers in the field.

Some Top Colleges in Maryland for Computer Science include:

  1. The University of Maryland, College Park
  2. University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  3. Johns Hopkins University
  4. Towson University
  5. Loyola University Maryland
  6. Frostburg State University
  7. United States Naval Academy
  8. Hood College
  9. Bowie State University

What is Johns Hopkins known for?

Johns Hopkins University is known for its research and teaching in Medicine, Sciences and Health Sciences. The university’s computer science program is ranked among the best in the nation.

Johns Hopkins University is a private research institution established in 1876 with a mandate of offering quality undergraduate studies. The school has one of the best medical schools in the country, coupled with a top-ranked hospital with highly ranked specialties.

What is the Biggest College in Maryland?

The University of Maryland, College Park, is the most prominent college in Maryland. It is located in College Park, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore.

The campus sits on 1,340 acres and provides students with a suburban lifestyle close to metropolitan activities. Over 800 clubs and organizations, including 60 fraternities and sororities, can be found on campus.

If you want to have the feel of fun mixed with academics, then consider the University of Maryland.

4 Best Colleges in Maryland for Computer Science Majors.

Maryland has many schools known to be at the forefront of computer science and has produced some of the most successful professionals in the field over the past few decades. In this article, you’ll learn about the top three colleges in Maryland for computer science majors, so you can decide which institution will help you get where you want to go with your education and career path.

4) Towson University

  • Acceptance Rate: 78%
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 17,907
  • Tuition: $26,820

Towson University is a leading public research university located in Towson, MD. The University offers top-ranked academic programs, including computer science and cybersecurity, engineering, education, arts and humanities, environmental design and health sciences.

The school is laden with renowned faculty and staff, and there are many opportunities for students to get involved with research, internships and entrepreneurship programs that prepare them to succeed.

The acceptance rate at Towson University is 78%, with admission not much competitive. The school has a non-refundable application fee of $45. The student-faculty ratio is 16:1, with 33.2% of its classes having fewer than 20 students.

According to U.S. News and World Report, Towson University is among the top colleges in Maryland for computer science, making it an attractive institution that provides students with a rigorous, challenging curriculum with diverse opportunities.

Towson University is a prestigious college with affordable tuition of $26,820 for out-of-state students. In addition, the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET accredits TU’s computer science programs.

I know your question: Is Towson a good school for computer science? Is answered.

3) University of Maryland, Baltimore County

  • Acceptance Rate: 69%
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 10,835
  • Tuition: $29,370

UMBC is an affordable and prestigious school. Costing under $30,000 per year, UMBC offers one of the best computer science programs in the country. In addition to studying computer sciences, students can also major in cybersecurity, engineering, education, arts and humanities.

Founded in 1966, the University of Maryland – Baltimore is a well-recognized public university in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area in Catonsville, Maryland.

UMBC has an acceptance rate of just 69%, and admissions are relatively competitive. The student-faculty ratio is 17:1, with 42.1% of its classes having fewer than 20 students. Alums from UMBC earn a starting income of $40,800, with 70% of students graduating.

The University of Maryland – Baltimore is among the best colleges for computer science in Maryland. The school offers a variety of degree programs, research opportunities, and extracurricular activities.

With numerous internship opportunities available, this college is an excellent choice for anyone interested in learning more about the world of computing. In addition, the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET accredits UMBC’s computer science programs.

2) Johns Hopkins University

  • Acceptance Rate: 8%
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 6,132
  • Tuition: $60,480

Hopkins is a private research university located in Baltimore, in the state of Maryland. This University is one of the flagship colleges for Computer Science in Maryland. Founded in 1876, it enrolled over 6,000 undergraduates in the last fall.

The University has a long history of excellence in education, and its computer science program is no exception. With small class sizes and experienced faculty, students at Johns Hopkins receive a top-notch education that prepares them for careers in the ever-changing field of computer science.

The computer science department ranks #51 according to CS Rankings. The U.S News and World Report ranked Hopkins University #9 in the best value schools.

Johns Hopkins University promotes bold explorations and multidisciplinary study with cutting-edge tools and a global network of outstanding scholars and thinkers. As a result, Johns Hopkins University is among the best on our list of colleges in Maryland for computer science.

In Hopkins, conventions are designed to be broken, and curiosity finds its use. Hopkins encourages students to celebrate the endless possibilities and push one another to accomplish their most audacious future goals.

The Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET accredits Johns Hopkins University’s computer science. The tuition and fees at JHU are $60,480 more expensive when compared with the national average cost of education in the US.

1) University of Maryland College Park

  • Acceptance Rate: 52%
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 30,922
  • Tuition: $39,469

The University of Maryland–College Park offers a world-class computer science education, with top-ranked undergraduate and graduate programs. The faculty is renowned for their research, and students have access to cutting-edge facilities.

Founded in 1856, the University of Maryland–College Park is a public research institution in College Park, close to D.C. The University is the largest in Maryland, with over 30,000 undergraduate enrollment in the last fall.

The school also firmly commits to diversity, with a vibrant community of women and minority students. The University of Maryland, College Park, is recognized as one of the best colleges in Maryland for computer science by U.S. News & World Report. Also, the computer science program at the University of Maryland, College Park, is ranked #11 by CS Rankings.

The acceptance rate at UMCP is 53%, and the admissions are competitive. The student-faculty ratio is 18:1, with 46.4% of its classes having fewer than 20 students.

Computer science, information science, and biology are popular majors. University of Maryland-College Park graduates earn a starting salary of $47,200, with 87 per cent graduating in 4 years.

UMCP’s proximity to Washington D.C. and outstanding academic reputation make it an excellent choice for prospective students pursuing careers in public service or fields requiring top technical expertise.

The Computer Engineering (BS) program is, among others, accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

Conclusion on Best Colleges in Maryland for Computer Science

There are good colleges in Maryland for computer science, but these four stand out as the best. For example, these schools have vital programs, experienced faculty, and ample resources to provide an excellent education for future computer scientists.

Do you have any other good computer science colleges in Maryland? Let us know in the comments below!

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