Are There Ivy League Schools in Florida? The 4 Real Truth

Ivy League Schools in Florida

It’s no surprise that you want to know If there are Ivy League Schools in Florida. The Ivy League is an informal athletic conference consisting of eight universities—seven private and one public—located in the Northeastern United States. The term “Ivy League” refers to the entire group of these universities, which are among the country’s oldest … Read more

The Best 8 Online Colleges in Georgia with No Application Fee

Online Colleges in Georgia with No Application Fee

Many Colleges in Georgia have top-notch online programs that can compete with any other schools in the country. Looking to apply to several online schools but do not have much to spend on application fees? Check out these online colleges in Georgia with no application fee. These schools are among the best in Georgia; they … Read more

The 6 Best Florida Online Colleges Without Application Fee

Florida Online Colleges Without Application Fee

Many colleges in Florida offer online programs with no application fee – making them an affordable option for students. AnanUniversity will provide an overview of some of the top Florida online colleges without application fee, as well as their respective programs. Every year, millions of students all over the world dream of getting their degrees … Read more

The Top Best 6 HBCUs with MBA Programs

HBCUs with MBA programs

Excelling in Business requires knowledge of financial management and these HBCUs with MBA programs are the gateways to your success. Historically black colleges and universities are known for their excellence in both academics and sports. However, not many people know that these universities have some of the best MBA programs in the nation. These top … Read more

Top 7 HBCUs with High Acceptance Rates You Should Apply To

HBCUs with high acceptance rates

The idea of applying to HBCUs with high acceptance rates where your chances of getting in is as high as 95% can seem very appealing. Therefore, the money spent applying to multiple schools would reduce tremendously. But what is the cheapest HBCUs to attend? Which colleges have the highest acceptance rates? And why is Howard … Read more

Are there Ivy League Schools in Texas? The 5 Real Truth

Ivy League schools in Texas

If you plan to attend college in the “Lone Star State” and wondering if there are Ivy League schools in Texas. Then this post is for you. The Ivy League has come to represent elite colleges and universities in the country. You hear people saying, “I am an Ivy League product.” But what are Ivy … Read more

Top 10 HBCU with No Application Fee

HBCU with No Application Fee

Hey! Are you looking for HBCU with no application fee? Then you have come to the right place. You can apply to the following Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) with no application fee, and acquire top-notch education at a less price. I have ranked these HBCUs according to factors like; selectivity, location, tuition, and … Read more


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