July 22, 2024
Best MBA Programs in Arizona

When contemplating advanced business education, prospective students often evaluate notable universities and colleges that provide top quality MBA programs in Arizona.

Arizona, with its dynamic economic landscape and flourishing industries, is home to reputable institutions offering distinguished MBA programs, thoughtfully developed to accommodate the diverse needs and aspirations of both students and working professionals.

What are the Best MBA programs in Arizona

As stated earlier Arizona is home to some of the best MBA programs in America. These colleges provide business education that help students compete favorably with the ever changing global market.

W.P. Carey School of Business, Eller College of Management, Thunderbird School of Global Management etc., stands arguably as some of best MBA programs in Arizona. However, for the purpose of simplicity we are going to briefly explain these colleges.

1. W.P. Carey School of Business – Arizona State University (ASU)

  • Program Type: Full-Time, Professional, Executive, and Online MBA.
  • Duration: MBA typically requires two years to complete.
  • Specializations: A wide array including Supply Chain Management, Finance, and Marketing.
  • Accreditation: AACSB International.

The W.P. Carey School of Business is one of the top business schools in the U.S., known for its innovative programs, strong alumni network, and global perspective. Located in Tempe, Arizona, it offers a variety of undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs in business disciplines.

W.P. Carey School of Business – MBA Requirement

Requirements can vary slightly from year to year, but generally, prospective students are expected to provide:

  1. GMAT/GRE scores: Though some programs might offer waivers based on work experience or previous academic performance.
  2. Transcripts from all previously attended institutions.
  3. Resume/CV: Demonstrating relevant professional experience.
  4. Letters of recommendation.
  5. Personal statement or essay: Outlining career goals and reasons for seeking the MBA.
  6. Interview: Some applicants may be invited for an interview.


Rankings for business schools can vary annually and depend on the source. As of my last year, the W.P. Carey Full-Time MBA program had often been ranked among the top 30 in the U.S. by various publications, including U.S. News & World Report, Bloomberg Businessweek, and others.

It’s always good to check the most recent rankings from multiple sources for an accurate and current perspective.

Cost of Study

The total cost of the MBA program at W.P. Carey can vary depending on residency status (in-state vs. out-of-state), additional fees, living expenses, and any potential scholarships or financial aid.

The tuition for the Full-Time MBA program is around $60,000 per year for out-of-state students and slightly lower for in-state students.

For up-to-date information on the MBA requirements and cost, please check the official website of the W.P. Carey School of Business or contact their admissions office.

2. Eller College of Management – University of Arizona

  • Program Type: Full-Time, Evening, Executive, and Online MBA.
  • Duration: The Full-Time MBA can be completed in 21 months.
  • Specializations: Marketing, Management Information Systems, and Finance among others.
  • Accreditation: AACSB International.

The Eller College of Management is the business school of the University of Arizona located in Tucson, Arizona. It offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs, with the Master of Business Administration (MBA) being one of the most sought-after.

MBA Program Requirements

Requirements might vary over time, typical things needed for the MBA program at Eller include:

  1. A completed application form.
  2. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
  3. Official GMAT or GRE scores (some candidates may qualify for waivers).
  4. Professional résumé.
  5. Essays or personal statements.
  6. Letters of recommendation.


The ranking of Eller College’s MBA program has varied over the years and might differ depending on the source. As of my last, the Eller MBA was recognized by numerous publications for its quality and value and one of the best MBA programs in Arizona.

According to the U.S. News & World Report, Eller College’s MBA program is the 53rd best MBA program in the country for 2022.

Cost of Study

The cost of the MBA program at Eller College can vary based on residency (in-state vs. out-of-state), program format (full-time, part-time, or online), and other factors. The estimated total cost for an in-state, full-time MBA student for one year was above $30,000, while out-of-state students might pay significantly more.

This estimate includes tuition, fees, and other associated costs, but it’s important to note that prices can change yearly. Additionally, other expenses like living expenses, books, and supplies should be considered. For more to visit the Eller College’s official website or contact their admissions office.

3. Thunderbird School of Global Management – Arizona State University (ASU)

  • Program Type: Full-Time Global Management MBA.
  • Duration: One year.
  • Specializations: Global Management with a focus on international business strategies.
  • Accreditation: AACSB International.

The Thunderbird School of Global Management, commonly known as “Thunderbird”, is a renowned global management school. Originally an independent institution, Thunderbird became a unit of Arizona State University (ASU) in 2014.

The school has long been recognized for its emphasis on international business education and has alumni spread across numerous countries.

Thunderbird School of Global Management MBA Requirements

While specific requirements can change over time, as of my last update, prospective students typically need to provide:

  1. A completed application form.
  2. Official transcripts from all previously attended undergraduate and graduate institutions.
  3. GMAT or GRE scores (some applicants might qualify for a waiver based on work experience, prior academic performance, or other criteria).
  4. Resume detailing professional and academic experiences.
  5. Statement of purpose or essays.
  6. Letters of recommendation.


Thunderbird’s ranking can vary based on the publication and criteria used. Historically, it has been recognized as one of the top schools globally for international business.

Specific rankings might change from year to year, so it’s recommended to consult recent rankings from sources like Financial Times, U.S. News & World Report, or QS World University Rankings for the most up-to-date information.

Cost of Study

The cost of attending Thunderbird for an MBA can vary depending on several factors including residency (in-state vs. out-of-state for U.S. students), the specific program chosen, and the duration of the program.

Typically, tuition costs would encompass instructional charges, technology fees, program fees, and other associated costs. Additionally, prospective students should also consider costs related to housing, books, insurance, and living expenses.

Conclusion on MBA Programs in Arizona

Pursuing an MBA in Arizona offers transformative educational experiences and opens doors to rewarding career paths in diverse sectors. Arizona’s esteemed institutions are dedicated to providing exceptional education, cultivating innovation, and developing the next generation of business leaders.

The above best MBA programs in Arizona are committed to academic excellence and professional growth, positioning graduates to make impactful contributions to the business world and the broader community.


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